A Michigan Teen Pleaded Guilty In The Oxford High Shooting Case

Ethan Crumbley has pleaded guilty to 24 charges.

In court on Monday, the teenage suspect in a Michigan school shooting incident that killed four students, pleaded guilty to all charges.

Nearly a year ago, 16-year-old, Ethan Crumbley, brought a handgun to Oxford High School, which he attended and began shooting. Deputies rushed in and he surrendered without resistance.

Now, Crumbley has pleaded guilty to 24 charges including terrorism and first-degree murder. When asked if he “knowingly, willfully and deliberately” chose to shoot other students, Crumbley replied “yes.”

He withdrew his intent to claim insanity and was made fully aware of the potential penalties. Prosecutor’s explained that there were no deals made before the guilty plea.

Typically, a guilty plea to murder is an automatic life sentence, however, teenagers are allowed a hearing where their lawyer can argue for a shorter term or parole.