All Charges in the Case of Adnan Syed Have Been Dropped

A murder case that received attention from many after the pod-cast ‘Serial’ investigated issues with the prosecution, has had a change in results.

Adnan Syed was only 17 when he was convicted for killing his former girlfriend in 2000. He has been serving a life sentence for the past 23 years after his arrest in 1999. His girlfriend disappeared at the age of 18 after leaving a high school in Baltimore, Maryland. Her body was discovered buried in a Baltimore park, nearly a month later. She died of strangulation. Syed denied any involvement in her death yet he was still convicted.

Now, at age 41, the charges against him have ben dropped after DNA testing was conducted and excluded him as a suspect. His lawyer has requested privacy so that him and his family can begin the healing process. Prosecutors have not named any new suspects regarding the murder.