A Series Of Stabbings Occurred In Las Vegas

On Thursday, a series of stabbings occurred outside a Las Vegas casino leaving 2 dead and 3 in critical condition.

There are 8 victims including locals as well as tourists. The first stabbing occurred on the sidewalk along Las Vegas Boulevard and appeared to be random. The suspect continued south and stabbed 5 more victims as well as one on Sands Avenue. It is unclear when or where the eighth victim was stabbed. The 2 victims, 47-year-old, Brent Hallett, and 30-year-old, Maris Digiovanni, died. 1 was discovered dead at the scene, and the other died after being transported to a medical center. 3 are hospitalized and in stable condition. The suspect, 32-year-old Yoni Barrios was taken into custody. The large kitchen knife used in the incident, was recovered from the scene. The motive behind the incident is unknown.