Trial For Oath Keepers Starts with Opening Statements

The trial has begun for The Oath Keepers who have been accused of plotting to attack the U.S. capitol on January 6th of last year. They have pleaded not guilty to the charge of seditious conspiracy. The trial kicked off with over an hour of opening statements. The Justice Department’s opening statement argued that The Oath Keepers unlawfully plotted to disrupt congress’ certification of President Biden’s electoral win. The DOJ provided video that revealed The Oath Keepers actions in the capitol as well as maps and charts to help the jury follow along. It was explained that the group said what they planned to do out loud and in writing and when the opportunity came about they took immediate action. The defense attorney argued that the jurors will see evidence that show the defendants had no part in the incident. It was also stated that evidence will reveal that they did not conduct any illegal actions that day.