The Cities That Swear the Most…and Some Statistics on Cursing That Might Surprise You

Our favorite fill in words are "fudge" and "shoot".

A study on swearing identified the top ten cities that curse the most…and the number one location will make you say “what the heck!” Columbus, Ohio tops the list with an average of 36 swear words per day. That was followed by Las Vegas and Jacksonville, Florida rounding out the top three. A few more quick stats on America’s swearing habits are…the place you’re most likely to use some choice words…home. Meanwhile, work is the top place we want to swear but hold back. The #1 person we swear at is ourselves. The most universal things that make us want to shout an expletive…when we hurt ourselves and during road rage. Finally, our favorite fill in words are “fudge” and “shoot”.