How to Decorate with Your Kid’s Favorite Blanket and Entertain Without Toys

Kids may not come with manuals but these Thursday tips may help. Audra tries a few on Carolina A.M.

Kids may not come with manuals but these Thursday tips may help with the little things. When you find your yourself working from home or babysitting without any toys just make your own.  A mommy blogger says this is what she does or an easy and cheap way to keep her toddler entertained.   She ties balloons to streamers and attaches to the ceiling fan to twirl on low. It stimulates the visual senses and gives a bit of physical activity.   Always supervise and dispose of any popped balloons and paper.  This hack may come in handy when snacking on the go.  When you’re traveling you don’t always have that customized child-proof cup available.  To make do, keep little hands from removing the straw and dumping it all out by flipping a crazy straw upside down inside their fav cup.  This may come in handy for when your friend stops by for a visit with their toddler or for grandparents when the little ones visit.  Instead of investing in baby proofing kits, you can use things like dog collars to secure the cabinets.   If you’re not a pet owner, you can get these for a buck at the Dollar Tree.  Finally, a way to use your kid’s favorite blanket for decor in their rooms as they grow older.  We all had that favorite blanket.  No need to put it away forever you can use in your décor by folding it into a pillow.  Fold it lengthwise.  Then fold both ends until they meet and slide one half into the opening.  Tuck and fluff!