4 Treasures That Could be in Your Grandmother’s Attic

Keep your eyes open for these 4 treasures in your grandmother's attic or thrift store. 

Investing.com shares a few things you can keep your eyes open for when it comes to finding treasures in your grandmother’s attic or thrift store.

  1. Milk glass easter eggs. their originally cost $1 to $5, Worth $25 each now.   they became popular at the turn of the century, and they were often gifted to people as Easter presents.
  2. This doll house has is worth 50 times it’s original value.  The Lines Brothers Tudor dollhouse is worth $5700 today from $100-$200.
  3. The Siamese mate cube is certainly one of the strangest and most difficult Rubik’s cubes to solve.  Developed by Tony Fischer in 1982.  Valued at $125 today.
  4. If you have ever owned beanie babies, then chances are that you have looked through your old collection to try to spot something of value. look for the platypus!  If you own a Patti the Platypus, you’re in luck.  These beanie babies are worth up to $9,000, and plush collector described them as the “rarest beanie babies” out there.