Reasons Your Computer Could Be Running Slow

It could be your memory, storage and processing speed

If you’re not computer or tech savy, when issues arise it can make any sane person feel coo-coo. Nonetheless we’re here to help with a few things you can check. It could be your memory, storage and processing speed. Your computer will struggle to handle things like video calls and streaming video if you don’t have enough of these. You can upgrade the ram, processor and up your storage if need be. In the future look for a computer when higher specs.

You may have too many startup programs running. Many come with tons of stuff already installed and launch when you turn it on. Click into your task manager to see a list of all the programs running on your pc, then disable the unnecessary ones from launching at startup.

Your low-power mode may be enabled. Most computers give you the option to operate in low power mode, often called “power saver” to conserve your computer’s energy and prolong its battery life. But, it can slow it down. Click into your computer’s control panel to see if low power mode might be the culprit, and if so, adjust accordingly.

You may have too many tabs open at one time. Each tab you open on your internet browser requires memory and power, so getting too tab-happy will inevitably take a toll on your system resources. This one simply requires the discipline to close tabs you no longer need. Pn pc’s, pressing “control” ” w” will close them out.