Is Marvel Better Than Stars Wars?

Mark Ruffalo who plays the Hulk in the Marvel Universe threw some serious shade at 'Star Wars' in a new interview.

Is Marvel better than ‘Star Wars’? One Marvel star seems to think so.  We get our comic expert B.J. Kinard to weight in.

Mark Ruffalo is playing Hulk again in the Disney+ show She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and he says he’s not worried about there being too much Marvel content. “The thing Marvel has done well is that, inside the MCU, just as they do with comic books, they let a director or an actor sort of recreate each piece to their own style, their likeness. Marvel generally lets them bring that to the material.  If you watch a ‘Star Wars’, you’re pretty much going to get the same version of ‘Star Wars’ each time, but with Marvel you can have a whole different feeling even within the Marvel Universe.”