Banana Sushi Trends as High Protein, Healthy Snack

Audra brings the latest trend to Carolina A.M. This one will impress your kids and your friends.

Before you know it all the kids will be home (at your house) with all their friends looking for a good snack.  Fill’em up with something healthy like banana sushi.  Impress them that you got the idea from social media.  It gives a nice presentation. and the healthy ingredients will be appreciated.

Sushi Banana


-1 cup blend of flax, hemp and chia seeds   (this makes enough for 3 bananas)

-1/4 cup coconut sugar

-nut butter of choice or Nutella (peanut butter, almond butter are nice choices)

Directions:  Mix seeds and coconut sugar.  Pour into a plate.  Peel and cut banana into third.  Spread your choice of nut butter over the banana.   Then dip or roll the banana into the seed mixture.   Serve on a platter with a drizzle of honey.