From Cleaning Baseboards to Packing for a Trip…Check Out Our Thursday Tips!

These Thursday tips may come in handy for traveling, packing, and keeping things tidy.

Use a broom to clean your baseboards without breaking your back. Wrap a rag around the end of your broom and secure with a rubber band. Wipe it around the top of your baseboards without having to bend over. The broom works better than a swiffer…covers more area and the bristles provide soft friction for cleaning.

When you’re on the move, for spill proof bottles, take a plastic bag and place ontop, then screw on the caps. This keeps them from spilling…as a backup it’s contained in the bag.

For packing and storing plates, use a coffee filter between each plate to keep them from sliding and chipping. The filters are an inexpensive way to provide a little padding for the move. They are just the right shape so you can slide them out of the box into the cabinet!

Make unbxing things easier with this easy tape method. All you do is leave one end lifted. It keeps the box sealed but allows for a swifter and neater way to re-open the box.