Stairs for Your Dog in Today’s Amazon Finds

Whether he's too little or just can't jump like he used to, these stairs may come in handy for your pet.

In today’s Amazon Finds products personally recommended by WFXB staff member.
First up, stairs for your fur baby. Help your pup climb up on the sofa or bed all by themselves.  Whether he’s too little or just can’t jump like he used to these stairs may come in handy.  WFXB Producer Tori Adams has these for her pup Chip. The steps fold flat when you want to store them.  This one has 53,000 reviews and a #1 Best Seller.  $40 on Amazon.  
This pot and pan organizer is cool because you can adjust the height.  Also no bush parts to worry hardware or installation required.  Made of steel with a chrome finish,  and it even holds a cast iron skillet.  This had 6,000 reviews with 4 and a half stars.  It’s 23% off right now for $19.97
This cup holder organizer has many uses.  It is made for flat bottom cabinets without lips.  It helps save you space each holder had 6 hooks to hang your cups and mugs.  The assembly on this one is also pretty straight-forward…you just side the rack over the cabinet or shelf.  No drilling required.  It’ a prime item.  $10.99  It has three stars but Tori has this one and says it gets the job done for the price.
After a day at the beach or ride with your pet, this handheld vacuum would come in handy.  It’s  2. 4 pounds, easy to use based on description, and has a HEPA filter.  The cord is 16-feet and works off a 12 volt outlet.    It comes with an extra filter, 3 attachments for detailing and a carry bag.  It has 213,000 reviews at 4 stars, and is a #1 best seller.  $34.99