Biden Administration Continues Push For Covid-19 Funding

According to White House officials, the Biden administration will continue to push lawmakers to secure Covid-19 funding when Congress returns from it’s two week recess. The Biden administration has been alerting lawmakers to the need of additional funding to continue the federal Covid-19 response as it seeks to return to ‘normal’ with many pandemic-era restrictions lifting. Concerns raised by officials include a possible lack of adequate resources to purchase enough booster shots for all Americans if additional booster shots are authorized, the possibility that monoclonal antibody treatments run out as soon as next month, a scaled-back purchase of AstraZeneca’s preventative treatment, insufficient testing capacity and supply going forward. The impacts to research and development are also included. Last month negotiators were able to reach an agreement on a scaled-back $10 billion package but Congress left Washington without passing it after a disagreement over Title 42.