Some Surprising Uses for Vaseline

It has a multitude of uses, some you may not have thought of.

Vaseline is something many have on hand in the house as it has a multitude of uses, some you may not have thought of.

Many in our industry use it to remove makeup. The oils break down the hard-to- remove foundation and waterproof cosmetics. Many will also follow with their favorite cleanser.

It’s also good for hands and feet. Rub into the nail beds and the bottoms of feet before bedtime to wake with a soft and smooth glow. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends it after injuries or procedures to reduce chances of scarring.

another beauty use of vaseline is for the brows and lashes. it appears this is done by shaping your brows the way you want them then applying a small amount of the vaseline on top using a brow brush. it works like brow gel you see on the market, except it’s clear and it helps lashes retain moisture, making them look longer and lusher!

Also for the outdoors, petroleum jelly can be used to coat corrosion-prone items such blades, and other metal camping equipment prior to storage as it serves as an inexpensive water repellent.