Is the Image Running Towards or Away from You?

Neuro-scientists say your answer labels your brain as either male or female.

Looking at a simple image can reveal a lot about our brains.  A neuro-scientist says all it takes is looking at a simple image.  You’re supposed to look at this picture, which shows a dark figure in a sprinting pose.  Is he running towards or away from you?   If you saw the runner approaching, that means you have a more male brain.  According to the scientist, male brains pass difficult obstacles in life by using skills and reasoning.  They’re also quick learners but, not good at multitasking.  If you saw the man running away from you, you relate more to the female brain.  You rely on intuition to make decisions.  Plus, you’re a great multi-tasker, have an amazing memory, and work best when you’re being creative.