Recycle Your Wine Bottles with This Amazon Find!

These wine bottle lights fit into the top of your wine bottles or anything you cork.  Our "Man on the Strand" entertains with these!

It’s time for all the things you didn’t know you needed on Amazon.  Today’s Amazon Finds come personally recommended by our Man on the Strand, Tyler.  What a bummer to have a great mixer and something happen to one of your beaters. Don’t toss the baby out with the bath water! Just get replaceable beaters for your mixer, like this pack of 4 made to fit most top name brands. $14 on Amazon.  This set of color coded cutting boards are made of BPA-free material, dishwasher safe, has a grip on the bottom, and is easy to store.  These curl to pour chopped food.   You can color code your goods with the four colors it comes with.  A set of 4 is $10 on amazon.  Cut your meat, scrape and scale your fish, and prepare your veggies and with these kitchen shears.  You can also use it as a bottle opener and nut cracker.  These stainless steel shears are  $15 on Amazon.  This is a trendy way to recycle your bottles.  Use bottle lights like these which are made of good ultra thin silver wire and are battery powered.  These wine bottle lights can be easily designed to any DIY shape you like.  Easy to install each cork has an on/off switch.  Fit into the top of your wine bottles or anything you cork.  You get about 3 and a half feet of lights on one strand.  It’s an Amazon Choice for $12 .