The Most Functional Amazon Finds Under $20

You'll amuse friends and yourselves with these quirky, fun and functional Amazon finds.

It’s time for all the things you didn’t know you needed from Amazon.  In today’s Amazon Finds, you’ll amuse friends and yourselves with these quirky, fun and functional items.
No more spilling our ketchup and chicken nugget sauce!  These dip sauce trays come in a four pack. $15.90 on Amazon.
For the person who is always in tune with the weather, you need this storm glass weather station in a vase.  It reacts to weather changes by forming crystals based on whether the temperature is warming, about to rain or snow.  It is not meant to replace a barometer or your local weather man, but it is surely interesting to watch.  It’s $20 on Amazon.
Hug yourself with a weighted blanket.  These weighted blankets have been all the buzz in recent years.  Many say they help them sleep better, they can help with anxiety.  It’s designed to be weigh about 10% of your body  weight to give you the feeling of being hugged or snuggled.   They come in different sizes.  This medium weighted blanket on Amazon is only $33.
These flashlight gloves are great for anyone who needs to get work done in the dark.  Doing electrical work, or for that early morning run.  t’s kind of like the headlamp lights that were popular a few years ago.  Well instead of popping a light onto your forehead, have the light at your fingertips.  The gloves have 2 LEDs on the index finger and thumb.  They come in a variety of colors.  The basic black ones are $17.99.