Greg Helps Lois Rycx Make Christmas Cookies on Carolina AM

These treats are perfect for the kids!

Rice Krispies Snowmen

Start with rice cereal treats. Flatten them out with hand or rolling pin n cut out with round cookie cutters.

Melt white almond bark or white coating chocolate in microwave. Do it at 50% power so it doesn’t scorch. Dip the “rounds” in then add candy orange “noses” and chocolate chips for eyes and mouth. Pretty soon you’ve got tons of snowmen faces. Like snowflakes… no two are alike!


Melted Snowmen Cookies

Lois used store bought sugar cookies. Feel free to make them if you desire. Drizzle on the melted chocolate from a squeeze bottle or use a spoon. It doesn’t matter how neat. Melting snowmen aren’t neat!

Cut marshmallows in half and attach the eyes using a dab of the melted chocolate. Then the pretzel stick “arms” and his nose and hat, which is a mini Reese’s cup.