Shop Like a Pro with These Black Friday Tips!

Get a game plan and set an alert in your phone for this deal.

Gear up for Black Friday with these tips that will have you shopping like a pro!  Check prices now and make note of them.  This will give you more confidence in the offers you see Friday.  Some retailers are offering those deals now so consider going ahead getting them now.   If there’s a product you’re looking for, don’t over look the stores where you might not normally shop.  For example, if you are looking for a good deal on an Echo, of course you’d check Amazon but stores like Walmart, Staples, Best buy, Kohls, Macy’s could have it on sale as well.  Be sure to make note of any restrictions, including deals that run until a certain time or on a certain day. like those doorbusters.
Set an alert for this local deal!
Wild Water and Wheels offers a 2 for 1 deal every Black Friday.  You can get their double splash pass for $49.99 which is two waterparks for the price of one.  You can get the double splash pass that includes the race park at Broadway Grand Prix for $124.  That’s unlimited access to go kart tracks, rides, bumper cars and the mini golf.  This offer is only offered on Black Friday. You can get those online or at the park.
Need help with gift ideas?
Need more gift ideas?  The Coastal Grand Mall has issued a gift guide that helps with that.   Get this year’s gift guide by clicking here!  Browse through that to get ideas if you don’t have any.  Make a list so you don’t get idle when you open your computer or hit the stores.    Also do this now! Enter to win $100 gift cards from Coastal Grand Mall.  To enter, text NOEL  to 444222.  Remember there are many local shops inside the mall where you can support locals as you shop on Black Friday. (For more information on the giveaway rules, click here.)