Diver Finds and Returns Diamond to Couple

Donnie Constransitch has a business of helping people find lost in the water, and instead of charging, only accepts tips. This couple was lucky to find him!

Donnie Constransitch has gone and saved the day again!  He was down at the dock helping someone find their cell phone when he met a couple who was there looking for their engagement ring! The excitement of getting engaged caused a drop into the water. The area is shallow and covered with oyster beds.   So Donnie went to get more air in his tank. A friend let him borrow the air he needed so he could quickly get back out there! By this time it was close to midnight. Donnie searched but the water was getting too low.  He returned the next day, and was able to find it!  And all out of goodness.  Donnie doesn’t charge for his services. he operates solely on tips.   You can find more of his stories on his Facebook, Water Dingo Diving!