Local Business Turns Fail into Epic Story of Kindness…on Carolina A.M.

This week's Carolina Kindness story comes from Garden City.

We love Wednesdays on Carolina A.M.  It’s a time we pause and look at kindness around the world to our backyards.  We have stories today about how one coworker’s kindness led to a life-altering change.  We also have an update on last week’s Carolina Kindness story.  Florence County Deputy Heath Gregg gives us an update on the basketball game with two local chapters of TACT (Teens and Cops Working Together) and the students who were recognized.  This week’s Carolina Kindness comes from Garden City.

Carolina Kindness.  This story comes to us from a viewer who shared how a pizza story in this act of kindness.  Rutger had just celebrated his 10th birthday. He saved some of his birthday money to order and pay for his own large favorite pizza which was just around the corner at Franco’s Pizza in Garden City. He walked over, ordered his pizza, paid, walked home, all on his own which is a big deal for a 10 year-old.   But on his way up the stairs at home, his Bassett hound Lola was so excited she flipped the whole thing two stories down, smack down on the ground!   Seeing his son’s disappointment on such a special day, his dad called and ordered another pizza.  After hearing what happened, Franco’s gifted the pizza!  We call Franco’s Pizza a Carolina Kindness Hero.   Way to save the day!