From Leaving the Lights on to Empty Toilet Paper Rolls…These are the Most Common Household Arguments

Have you ever had a fight about one of these?


1.            Someone leaving all the lights on when they aren’t in the room.

2.            Someone leaving shoes in the middle of the floor or in the doorway.

3.            Messy bedrooms.

4.            Someone not doing their fair share of the chores.

5.            Not changing the empty toilet roll when the last of it is used.

6.            When the heat should finally be turned on.

7.            Squeezing rubbish into an already full bin rather than emptying it first.

8.            Leaving dirty washing on the floor.

9.            Leaving toilet roll cores anywhere but the trashcan.

10.          Leaving plates and glasses in their bedroom.

11.          Leaving the dishes to soak rather than just washing them.

12.          Using up the last of something like the milk or a toilet paper roll and not saying anything.

13.          Leaving dirty plates next to the dishwasher rather than in it.

14.          Someone not flushing the toilet.

15.          Not rinsing out the bath or shower.

16.          Not taking items which have been left on the stairs up when you walk past.

17.          Someone being too noisy in the morning when everyone else is still asleep.

18.          Someone slamming doors.

19.          Leaving wet towels on the floor.

20.          Who started the argument in the first place.