Activists Call On Congress and President Biden To Pass ‘George Floyd Justice in Policing Act’

President Biden and Congress are facing pressure from African American civil rights leaders who say lawmakers have made little progress with police reform since George Floyd’s death. Activists are demanding the Senate pass the ‘George Floyd Justice in Policing Act’ that’s currently stalled on the Senate floor. The bill was passed by the House back in March. Included is setting up a national registry for police misconduct, a ban on racial and religious profiling by law enforcement and an overhaul of qualified immunity for police officers.

The House introduced the bill last year and passed it but it was blocked by the Senate. Biden said he supports the bill but some leaders say if Congress won’t act on it, they want to see the President’s Administration revive the panels led by former President Obama to review policing practices and investigating police agencies in more cities. Activists say the nation needs police reform legislation now more than ever and are hopeful that Biden and Congress will pass it.