Johnson and Johnson’s Covid-19 Vaccine Resuming In Europe, CDC Will Meet Friday

Johnson and Johnson vaccine administration is resuming in Europe. The European Medicines Agency announced yesterday that they found that the vaccine had links to rare blood clot incidents but that the benefits outweighed the risks. In a press release, the agency said ‘a warning  about unusual blood clots with low blood platelets should be added to the product information for Covid-19 vaccine.’ Johnson and Johnson will update it’s vaccine summary of Product Characteristics and Package Leaflet and include information on the diagnoses and management of the rare adverse event.

Vaccine advisers to the CDC will meet Friday to make recommendations for the use of the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. The CDC and FDA recommended a pause on the use of the vaccine last week following six reported rare and severe blood clot cases. They are currently investigating whether there are more cases and whether other types of blood clots may be associated with the vaccine. On Friday, advisors may recommend the use of the vaccine resume with no changes or to stop the use of the vaccine all together.