Fatal Police Shooting In Ohio Sparks Investigation After 15 Year Old Dies

Yesterday afternoon, according to officials and body camera footage, a police officer in Columbus Ohio shot and killed an African American teenager while she was attempting to harm two females with a knife. The girl’s mother Paula Bryant and the Franklin County Children’s Services have identified her as 15 year old Ma’khia Bryant. According to Franklin County Children’s Services, Bryant was a foster child who was under the care of the FCCS. In a statement they said “This was a tragic incident and FCCS is continuing it’s involvement with the family throughout this difficult time.”

Yesterday, Columbus Interim Police Chief Michael Woods said officers received a call around 4:32 p.m. indicating ‘females were there trying to stab them and put their hands on them.’  When authorities arrived they approached the group in the driveway of a home and according to body cam footage, the teen moved toward another girl with a knife and the girl fell to the ground. She then appeared to lunge at the second girl with the knife and the officer told her to get down and then fired four shots in her direction. The officer will be investigated by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation in the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and he is on administrative leave.