Justice Department Gives Capitol Riot Defendants Green Light For Guilty Plea Deals

The Justice Department has given some Capitol riot defendants the green light to cut guilty plea deals. According to attorneys this permission will bring the first of hundreds of cases to a close. Defense lawyers have recognized that the evidence in the Capitol riot cases aren’t disputable enough to take to trial because so much of it is on video. Many of the 350 charged want to end their county proceedings as quick as possible. Many attorneys asked for delays in court proceedings while the Justice Department determines what it’s willing to offer.

It’s not clear how many defendants will be getting plea deals and they haven’t been offered to all interested defendants. Next week marks 100 days since the riots. Several defendants deemed violent, obstructive or threats to public safety are awaiting further court trials from jail. Judges and lawyers have acknowledged the riots on January 6th have created one of the most widespread and intense investigations in american history.