NYPD Officer Arrested on Charges of Espionage for Chinese Government

A New York Police officer was arrested yesterday on charges of espionage for the Chinese government. 33-year-old Baimadajie Angwang claimed asylum in the U.S. after over staying his visa, alleging he was “arrested and tortured” in the People’s Republic of China due to his Tibetan ethnicity. Following his naturalization to the U.S., he served as a marine in Afghanistan in 2013 and acted as a U.S. Army Reservist the following year. He has been with the NYPD since 2016, quickly working his way through the force’s ranks. He was a community liaison officer working at a precinct in Queens when he was taken into custody. Angwang now stands accused of acting as a foreign agent without notifying American authorities, wire fraud, making false statements, and obstruction of an official proceeding. It’s believed the espionage began in 2018 when he started communicating with two top Chinese officials. Angwang is currently suspended from the force. His first federal court appearance was yesterday.