Over 20 People Injured After Three Hot Air Balloons Crash in Wyoming

A multi-hot air balloon crash in Wyoming has left upwards of 20 people injured. Yesterday morning, three sightseeing balloons were carrying a total of 36 men, women and children around a field at a popular tourist destination. It’s believed an unexpected down draft of winds led the balloons to lose control and crash to the earth. One of the passengers reported their captain was thrown from the basket and yelling orders at them from the ground before their basket finally flipped over with them still inside. Another passenger reported their balloon came to a skidding, crashing halt against a fence. When police arrived on scene, they found the three balloons as well as all passengers scattered across the field with varying injuries. Eleven people were hospitalized with one more person sent to a level 1 trauma unit. The incident is now under investigation by federal authorities. It’s reported the balloons never collided with each other and all of them were owned by the same company.