Key Coronavirus Relief Programs Come to an End

As of today, three key coronavirus relief programs have either expired or are on the verge of expiring. Back in March, Congress was quick to dole out the $2.3 trillion stimulus bill in order to combat the pandemic. Included was an extra $600 a week in unemployment benefits for millions of Americans. Those payments expire today. Last Friday, the federal eviction moratorium expired. Now more than 12 million renters in federally subsidized or federally backed properties are at risk of homelessness. Set to expire August 8th is the $660 billion Paycheck Protection Program meant to aide small businesses. There is still about $130 billion in funding left to be claimed. As all these programs come to an end, there are serious concerns about what will happen next. It appears the recently revealed one trillion dollar GOP relief package is still no closer to being passed either, as both republicans and democrats continue to fail to come to some sort of agreement.