Dust Storm Making It’s Way to the U.S.

An enormous dust cloud is making it’s way across the globe as it heads for the U.S. The plume originated in the Sahara Desert and traveled roughly 5,000 miles across the Atlantic. It’s so large, it could be seen from space. It’s not unusual for strong, warm winds over the Sahara to whip up sand and carry it across the ocean. But, this storm is the largest, most dense Saharan cloud in half a century. The dusty air is expected to impact air quality, which could be problematic for those in areas experiencing a spike in Coronavirus cases. Air quality reached dangerous levels when it covered Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Cuba before settling over Mexico and now America. The cloud is expected to stretch as far west as Texas and as far north as Illinois and the Mid-Atlantic. It will likely hang over the country until the middle of next week.