Arizona Shopping Center Shooter Identified, Charged

The suspect in the Arizona shopping center shooting has been identified and charged. 20-year-old Armando Hernandez Jr. opened fire with an assault rifle on an unarmed crowd at the Westgate Entertainment District. Three people were injured. A 19-year-old man was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. He is still listed in critical condition. A 16-year-old girl was also hospitalized but with non-life-threatening injuries and a 30-year-old woman was injured but did not require serious medical attention. Hernandez said he “gave up” when he saw law enforcement arrive and was arrested without incident. He also told Glendale police he was specifically targeting couples and had intentions of harming ten people “because he was bullied and wanted respect.” Two of the victims do appear to have been together. Hernandez was charged with 16 felony counts, including aggravated assault, weapons misconduct and criminal damage.