Woman Arrested for Coughing on $35,000 Worth of Food

There was much outrage sparked after a women purposely coughed on food at a grocery store. The incident occurred in Pennsylvania. Margaret Cirko reportedly entered Gerrity’s Supermarket in Hanover Township and began coughing on produce, baked goods, meat and other merchandise. She was immediately removed from the store and soon after arrested. Cirko faces charges for “intentionally contaminating” food, whether she had coronavirus or not. She is presently undergoing a mental health evaluation. But, it’s not the woman’s actions alone causing the outrage. Many are upset over the grocery store owner’s decision to throw away the nearly $35,000 worth of food after the incident. The owner said it was necessary and also upsetting for them to see so much food wasted, especially during a time when there are extreme fears over food shortages.