“Coronavirus Parties” Thrown in Defiance of Social Distance Orders

Despite the rapid number of infectious cases and deaths, there are still people not complying with social distancing orders. It’s a new term we’ve heard often since the pandemic began. It’s meant to help stop the spread of the disease by limiting the number of social or physical interactions we have with other people. A party of 50 held in Connecticut earlier this month is now being deemed “party zero” after over half of attendees contracted the virus. They then set off for places like New York City, South Africa, and other parts of Connecticut and have largely contributed to the spread. Then recently in Kentucky, a group of young adults hosted a “coronavirus party” in order to purposefully defy social distancing. One party-goer was then later confirmed to have the virus. It’s currently unknown how many were potentially infected at that party but even one case could have disastrous consequences.