Wuhan Coronavirus Numbers Spike as Diagnosis is Expanded

A dramatic increase of the coronavirus has led to its deadliest day yet as it claimed the lives of 242 people yesterday. This brings the total death toll to at least 1,300. The number of infected also saw a major spike yesterday as almost 15,000 new cases were confirmed, with now 60,000 cases worldwide. The increased numbers could be contributed to China expanding the diagnosis after multiple complaints of difficulties in getting tested and treated. The total will now include “clinically diagnosed cases” which means “patients who demonstrated all the symptoms but have been unable to be tested, or died before they were tested.” And to make matters worse, the CDC has announced some of the coronavirus test kits sent to the U.S. are not working as they should. During the verification process, labs discovered flaws which contributed to inconclusive tests. this includes false positives and false negatives.