Man Arrested for Sex Trafficking Cult Originated in Daughter’s Dorm Room

A man has been arrested for organizing a sex trafficking ring out of his daughter’s college dorm room. 60-year-old Lawrence Ray moved in with his daughter at Sarah Lawrence College in 2010. It’s believed Ray began “grooming” and alienating his daughter’s classmates through “therapy sessions” where he presented himself as a father figure. He worked to gain the trust and control of five women in particular through physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. Over the course of a decade, he extorted nearly $1 million dollars from them through various means, including prostitution, and forcing them to drain their own parent’s savings. Ray’s sex trafficking ring was exposed after The New York Magazine published an article about it in April of 2019 which sparked an investigation. Ray was charged with extortion, sex trafficking, forced labor trafficking, money laundering and more.