Attorney General William Barr to Testify Before Congress

Attorney General William Barr has agreed to testify following the Roger Stone trial controversy.
The Robert Mueller probe found Roger Stone was guilty of colluding with Russia in the 2016 presidential election. Federal prosecutors on the case suggested a sentence of seven to nine years for Stone for his crimes. However, the Department of Justice overruled them, suggesting Stone should serve a “far lesser” sentence. The prosecutors were so enraged by the announcement they all quit the case just a few days ago. Barr’s testimony is set for march 31st. Jerry Nadler and democrats plan to question him on his leadership, the reason for overruling, and want to ensure the DOJ is not being swayed through political means. It is usual for the attorney general to testify in front of the committee every year, however since being sworn in, Barr has not done so.