It’s Believed Iran Mistakenly Shot Down Passenger Plane

Pentagon officials believe they have evidence that suggests Iran shot down the Ukrainian passenger plane by mistake. Shortly after take off from Tehran’s International airport, a plane carrying 176 crew and passengers crashed. There were no survivors. This was just hours after Iran attacked two Iraqi bases housing U.S. soldiers with ballistic missiles. Now U.S. officials are saying Iran mistakenly shot down the plane. Through intelligence gathered, they’re saying this looks more and more likely to have been the case. Iran’s head of Civil Aviation said “scientifically, it is impossible that a missile hit the Ukrainian plane…such rumors are illogical,” they strongly believe mechanical failure to be the cause. At first, Iranian officials refused to share the contents of the flights black box with Boeing or other U.S. officials but now they say they are willing to cooperate in order to put these rumors to rest.