U.S. and Iran Now Working Towards Peace

President Trump announced yesterday that we were going to work towards de-escalation following two missile attacks by Iran. He stood by his decision to order an air strike attack against Iran’s top military general Qasem Soleimani, asserting he was a major threat and had the blood of many Americans on his hands. The president also confirmed no U.S. soldiers were harmed in the attack from Iran, which is now believed to have been a strategic move on their side. It seems Iran is now standing down and we will not retaliate with any military action. The president, however, did mention we will place stricter sanctions on Iran, a move that could damage their economy even further. The president also hopes to re-negotiate a nuclear deal with the country. In an interesting move on Iran’s part, their parliament has recently approved a bill that considers the Pentagon and all U.S. military forces to be “terrorists”.