Robbery Turned Car Chase Ends with Four Dead and One Injured

Four are dead and one is in critical condition after a deadly shoot out following a robbery turned wild car chase in Florida yesterday. Police arrived at the scene of a jewelry store robbery after a silent alarm was triggered. The two robbers, in attempt to escape, hijacked a UPS truck with the driver inside and led the police on a massive car chase. The chase was brought to an abrupt and violent end when the truck got stuck on the Miramar Parkway in rush hour traffic, allowing dozens of police officers to surround them. Shots were exchanged and ended in the deaths of the two robbers, the UPS driver, and a bystander who was in an idled nearby car. There’s another woman in the hospital suffering from injuries sustained during the robbery as well. The UPS driver was 27 year old Frank OdoƱez who leaves behind two young daughters. Parts of the Miramar Parkway currently remain closed as the investigation continues.