South Carolina law requires bystanders to help police making arrest if assistance is requested

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WFXB) – It was the scene from A & E’s show, Live PD, riveting the nation, taking place in Columbia, South Carolina. But now, the episode is sparking conversation about a law here in South Carolina that may require you to step in if you see an officer needs help.

The intense scene shows 22-year old Bryan Martin leading Richland County deputies on a high speed chase, before his car flips over. Surprisingly, Martin gets out of the car with his 2-year old daughter, scuffling with the only officer on the scene.

All of this happening as a group of bystanders watched, some of them recording the scene on their phones, not assisting the deputy. Although the officer did not ask for assistance, state law says that officers can call out for help from bystanders if the suspect resists arrest.