Homeowner struggles to kick out strangers living in her home

MARIETTA, G.A. (WFXB) – Imagine putting a house up for sale, moving out, and then stopping by one day to find strangers living there without your knowledge. Well, it happened to one woman in Georgia, and the law says she’s out of luck.

Deena Everman of Marietta called the police when she noticed a broken window and changed locks when she stopped by her home. To her surprise, deputies said that the tenants were allowed to stay.

Tamara Pritchett is living in that home with her fiancee and two kids. She says the family found a listing to rent the property on Craigslist, signed a lease by fax and paid rent by money order. Although the ad was bogus, according to Georgia law, occupants living in a vacant home for a period of time must be legally evicted.