Marine who lost leg in Afghanistan runs Boston Marathon with American flag

The Boston Marathon is always full of unforgettable moments, and this year, one runner in particular made a truly lasting impression.

You may have seen the image of a wounded Marine crossing the finish line holding an American flag going viral on social media, but now we’re getting some insight into his inspirational story.

Marine Jose Luis Sanchez ran the 26.2 mile course on a prosthetic leg. Sanchez lost the lower part of his leg in 2011 while serving his country in Afghanistan, which prompted him to go into a state of depression.

He was sent the flag he can be seen carrying in the mail. Sanchez says he never opened it until five years later and after reading the inspirational messages from other Marines, he decided to fly the flag in their honor.

Sanchez finished his run for the Semper Fi Fund in 05:46.