Wilmington officer falsely tells driver he can’t record during traffic stop

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WFXB) – A Wilmington police sergeant is shown on video instructing a citizen who was pulled over for a traffic stop that he is not allowed to record the interaction due to a new state law. But, there is no such law in North Carolina.

Jesse Bright is an Uber driver. In February, he was sent to pick up a man who said he needed to pick up a check. On the way home– he saw blue lights behind him and several officers arrived to arrest the passenger. They said he’d taken the man to a drug house.

When Sgt. Kenneth Becker started asking questions, Bright started recording. That’s when Sgt. Becker told Bright it was against the law to record an officer – but, Bright isn’t only an Uber driver, he is also a defense attorney.