Last link to the Indians’ 1948 series title

95-year old Eddie Robinson recalls World Series win

(CNN) – A historic match-up in Ohio last night as the Chicago Cubs took on the Cleveland Indians in game one of the World Series.

The last time Cleveland won a championship was 68 years ago. Eddie Robinson played on that winning team, and the 95-year old remembers a far different routine than today when they won the title.

“The big celebrations  they have today with the champagne and the glasses and all that?” Robinson said.  “We just went in and got our shower, after winning the pennant after beating the Red Sox, and then we spent the night at the hotel.”

The former first baseman played 13 seasons with MLB, for 9 different organizations. Robinson is the only player still alive from the ’48 team.

Robinson lives in Texas with his wife where the two are die-hard Texas Ranger fans, but Robinson is confident that Cleveland has what it takes to do what his team did 68 years ago.