‘We need you to help’: N.C. still struggling in Hurricane Matthew aftermath

Hurricane Matthew may be long gone — but the aftermath of the storm continues to endanger lives and North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is asking for help.

“I just want to urge all North Carolinians from Ashveille to Charlotte to the Triad all the way down to Raleigh who are you know… I was riding the helicopter and just 15 miles away from Princeville, which is totally under water, people were playing golf on a beautiful day. And that’s all good but the fact of the matter is we need you to help right now,” said Gov. Pat McRory at a press conference on Thursday.

Twenty-two deaths have been confirmed now in North Carolina as historic flooding has slowly swamped the eastern part of the state, washing out towns and putting communities on alert as flood waters move east. A state of emergency remains in place in the state as the threat of more severe flooding is forecast to peak over the next 24 hours. Officials say the total damage could cost up to $10 billion to repair.