Builder of Charlotte Motor Speedway, Bruton Smith, Inducted into NASCAR Hall

CHARLOTTE, NC (WCCB Charlotte) –Simply put, Bruton Smith is a builder.
But after giving his speech after being inducted into NASCAR’s seventh Hall  of Fame Class, Smith could be considered more of an entertainer.
Smith delivered an off-the-cuff lengthy speech that featured everything from tough-times concerning financial obligations of running a business to repeated jabs against Pepsi for turning down a deal many decades before.
“We have sold millions and millions of cans of Coca-Cola. As a matter of fact, if we had all the money we took in from selling Coca-Cola, we would have plenty of money and I could give (you) some money tonight,” Smith said with a laugh
Smith had a love for racing, but was pushed away from competing directly in the sport because of his mom. Soon after, he figured out he could make money on the business end of the deal. He built Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1959. In 1992, he built lights at Charlotte Motor Speedway and gave NASCAR its first super-speedway night race.
“My dad loves a challenge,” Bruton’s son, and current President of Charlotte Motorspeedway Marcus Smith, said. “There’s nothing better for him than we someone says it can’t be done.”
Bruton Smith was one of five members inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Terry Labonte, Curtis Turner, Bobby Isaac and Jerry Cook were the others. Harold Brasington received the Landmark Award and the late Steve Byrnes was given the Squier-Hall Media Excellence award.