North Korean Response

North Korea has vowed revenge following a new round of sanctions from the United Nations.

  A crackdown by the United Nations over the weekend after all 15 members of the Security Council voted unanimously to introduce a set of hard-hitting sanctions that could cost North Korea one billion dollars in export revenues. The resolution, which included key Korean trading partners China and Russia, is considered a big victory for u.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. North…

FBI Denied Access to Apple

A federal judge has denied the FBI in its case against Apple to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernadino shooters.

  The head of the FBI and Apple’s top lawyer are facing off on Capitol Hill as the battle continues over privacy vs public safety. Following a federal ruling against the government in New York yesterday, there will be a hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee. A number of heavy hitters- including FBI Director James Comey and Apple General…

Iowa Caucus Today

The Presidential candiates make their last-minute pitches to Iowa voters.

    Tonight’s Iowa caucus may determine the future for both Republican and Democratic parties, with campaigns running down to the wire. GOP front-runner Donald Trump is still behind his decision to forgo the Republican debate last week, while Senator Ted Cruz is adamant he can win the general election. Across the aisle, Hillary Clinton believes she’s the woman who…