Helicopter Chaos

Terrifying moments in Venezuela's capital as a police helicopter took aim at two government buildings.

  Terror in Venezuela Tuesday as a police helicopter fired shots and grenades at the country’s Supreme Court building and interior ministry offices right in the center of the capital. The country’s controversial president, Nicolas Maduro, claims the police helicopter was stolen and is blaming a rogue group of government police forces, as well as outside influence from U.S. government….

Violence in Venezuela

Massive protests have broken out in Venezuela against the nation's President.

  Deadly violence and uncertainty within Venezuela this morning. The South American nation (home to the world’s largest oil reserves) is seeing large-scale political protests all across the country. The unrest comes after Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro, appeared to be trying to silence political opposition. Venezuela’s Supreme Court recently stripped the opposition-controlled legislature of its powers. Maduro’s opponents have taken…