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North Korea Tensions Continue

(WFXB) – President Trump and North Koreasays the US is totally prepared to take the military option against North Korea. He also says that the previous administrations left him with a mess. Administration officials claim the U.S. can easily overwhelm North Korean capabilities if attacked, though they say they want to avoid war.

New Jersey is the most ‘moved from’ state in America

Seems that a lot of people want to get out of New Jersey. A new study by moving company United Van Lines reveals New Jersey tops the list of the most-moved from states in 2016. It’s the 5th straight year New Jersey has topped the list. The study also shows that a lot of movers, especially retirees, are heading south. The Palmetto…

“Americanitis”: The Disease of Living Too Fast

In the 19th and 20th century, doctors coined a new term for a set of common symptoms – this condition was called “Americanitis.” It was thought the hurry, bustle and incessant drive of the American way of life caused this disease responsible for high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, heart attack, nervous exhaustion, and even insanity.