Here’s what your neighbors are binge-watching on Netflix

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WFXB) – These cold, wintry days are enough to make you want to get cozy on the couch and binge watch a series or two on Netflix, right? Well, if you need some suggestions as to what to watch, here’s what your neighbors are binging on. collected data from Netflix-watchers from across the country and found…

Old School Struggles Kids Today Just Don’t Understand

Old School Struggles Kids Today Just Don't Understand

Kids are surrounded by technology almost every second of the day, and so Greg and Abbi take a trip down memory lane to recall some of the things that today’s generation of kids will never understand.  For example…passing notes in class, reading paper maps, not knowing who the incoming call was from, circling your wish list in a catalog, using…

‘Pokemon Go’ Causing Real-World Injuries

'Pokemon Go' Causing Real-World Injuries

The new ‘Pokemon Go’ app has surpassed Tinder as the most popular app, but unfortunately it’s coming at a cost.  Various incidents across the country have officials worried.  A Wyoming teen was led to a dead body from the app, and a teen in Missouri was robbed after being lured to an isolated area.

Man On The Strand: Reality TV

Man On The Strand: Reality TV

According to a study, people who enjoy watching reality TV are more narcissistic than those who watch the news.  Tyler hit the streets to hear your thoughts…but unfortunately, learned that many people don’t know what narcissistic means.

Why We Forget Names

Why We Forget Names

It’s not always easy to remember someone’s name…especially if you just met them once.  Researchers say our brains automatically remember someone’s name if we will be dealing with them in the future.  However, for many of those “once-off” encounters…our brains can’t store that additional information. Greg shares his tip for how to remember names…